PUBLISHER ⋮ Asia Society Texas Center
ROLE ⋮ Author Illustrator

FORTUNES is a digitally native scrolling nonfiction story commissioned by the Asia Society Texas Center and a collaboration with C & G Partners, a multi-specialty creative studio dedicated to design for culture. It’s part of ASTC’s Adventures of Asia, a multichannel initiative to spark curiosity, build cultural empathy, and develop global awareness.

The story is centered around Tết’s (aka: Lunar New Year) evolving role in Houstonian Judy Le’s immigrant journey. It began with hours of conversation and interviews with Judy that then shaped a universal theme that supports ASTC’s mission: creating a pedagogical comic for K-12 educators looking to integrate the Asian American experience into their curriculum. FORTUNES is one of 14 stories on Adventures of Asia’s student platform that highlight diverse perspectives, celebrate vibrant cultures, and explore our shared future.



To read FORTUNES and the other amazing multicultural stories, visit where you can also download their K-12 educational toolkit for sparking young students’ sense of wonder for our interconnected world.