ROLE ⋮ Cover Designer

WHY ALWAYS WINS is a fun, informative book about the mechanics of collaboration and fostering effective and empathetic teams. This cover was an opportunity to highlight the book’s focus on human connection while emphasizing the book’s overarching message in a dynamic and visually striking way, and creating illustrations that capture the writing’s light hearted and personable tone.

California College of the Arts’ Advanced Comics course culminated in students’ stories being collected in an anthology. The design is a nod to each of their individuality while also the idea that the whole was greater than just the sum of its parts. For all of them, this was the first time they had their work printed so it was a rewarding project for me to design this major milestone for them!

California College of the Arts’ MFA in Comics program publishes an annual collection of their graduates’ stories. Consequently, the publication’s design needs to organize a large, visually eclectic body of work into a singular reading experience. My approach highlights each of the cartoonist's unique styles while simultaneously tying them into a cohesive design. This awesome project combined two of my great loves--comics and design--and the biennial redesign is the centerpiece of the program’s exhibitions at events, promoting its students’ amazing, diverse work.